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Botox is a neuromodulator; it is widely used as a muscle relaxer. The FDA approved Botox in 1989 to treat muscle problems. In 2002 it became the first-ever approved cosmetic injectable for moderate to severe frown lines. Botox changed the way the world looked at wrinkles, and women and men started to get treatments. Since the release of Botox other wrinkle relaxers have entered the playing field. In modern-day language, many people call Xeomin, an entirely different wrinkle relaxer as ‘naked Botox’ because it doesn’t have the proteins found in Botox. Other relaxers are also unofficially referred to as Botox. We use a number of different wrinkle relaxers to get the desired effect you are looking for. For Botox Knoxville TN treatments book an appointment with us.

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The best Botox services in Knoxville, TN, and everywhere else largely depend on the quality of the training, experience, and passion for their work. Wendy is the owner and leader at Pretty Girl Aesthetics. She received her Bachelor of Nursing at UT and then her Masters of Nursing. She is an experienced injector with several years of experience. Her work speaks for itself, and can be seen on Instagram and Facebook. Her work has been noticed by the manufacturers of several of the major aesthetic companies. She has vast experience in various aspects of patient care. She has worked as a critical care nurse for many years, and works for Lifestar when not at the clinic. This means she knows her way around injection sites, has an extensive knowledge of the human anatomy and medicine at a higher degree than many individuals. Many providers need continued training on cadavers to study the human anatomy. Wendy works on patients every day, and many of them with her job at Lifestar require lifesaving skills. Her knowledge is above what most nurses require to practice. Have you tried to keep a patient alive while on a helicopter? Not many nurses can say they have. To say you are in the very best of hands when you are at Pretty Girl Aesthetics is an understatement. Wendy has several aesthetic certifications from some of the best injectors in the aesthetic world including from the American Academy of Facial Esthetics “AAFE”.


The injector will assess the client to determine the appropriate dosage needed to correct the area of concern. It is important that the client answers the questions as best as possible. Even the best Botox provider in Knoxville, TN, can’t obtain the best results if they don’t have the correct information. Your injector may ask several questions including have you had Botox in the past three months? They may also ask you to smile and frown so that they can assess lines. You will be asked to smile and frown so that we can assess lines.

You should also let the clinic know if you are on any medications, or have been recently vaccinated for anything. It is not advisable to administer Botox on a muscle that has recently undergone surgery. If you have been in such a situation let the clinic know to see if you have had enough time to heal. Inflammation and healing can increase the breakdown of Botox, and your overall effects won’t last as long. It is not advisable to administer Botox if pregnant or breastfeeding.


We use a small needle that ensures your downtime will be negligible to non-existent, and pain is at a minimum. When asked to describe the size of the needle we like to say it is thinner than a hair on your head. It is not the size of the needle you would get a vaccine through.

It is important to note Botox is recommended for moderate to severe wrinkling. For example, if you have deep glabellar wrinkles, you might need to have several injections administered. The younger you are when treating wrinkles the better outcome you can expect to see and the less likely the wrinkles get as deep as you age. Waiting until you’re older to treat deeper wrinkles usually requires more Botox.

After treatment avoid touching the treated area as much as possible for 24 hours. You want to avoid exercising for the day as well. If you keep touching the area the toxin was administered, you can move the position the toxin was supposed to treat to areas it wasn’t supposed to treat. This will give you a distorted appearance as you will cause tightening in areas that aren’t meant to be tightened.

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You can expect to start seeing the treatment’s effect after a few days, but the total outcome will be visible within a couple weeks. Botox treatment lasts for three to five months. The duration could be shorter if you are not dosed with enough Botox, or if your body is becoming resistant to the proteins in Botox. If it is your first time we can add more in your next treatment, or we can switch to another toxin such as Xeomin or Dysport. We would rather be conservative and work up with your dosing than overtreat. With proper placement and with a rotation with the available toxins there is less of a chance of tolerance to the wrinkle relaxer.

Botox placement matters

Not knowing how to administer Botox might lead to freezing facial muscles it wasn’t meant to affect. It wasn’t meant to affect which gives the patient an unnatural look. Sometimes the target facial muscles are paralyzed beyond the desired level to not move at all. Such an outcome gives the user a mask-like appearance for the duration of Botox’s effect, which is certainly not what everyone would be looking for. Some movement is good as it gives you a natural appearance. We can completely freeze facial muscles if you desire but the natural look usually has slight movement without the wrinkles. Botox around the eyes, and what we refer to as “crow’s feet“ treatment can sometimes also raise an eyebrow which we refer to as “spocking”. This can sometime happen with even careful placement around the outer eye. Fortunately, we can fix this issue with a few units of Botox and notably avoid the area that caused the spocking on the next treatment.

While we have never seen an allergy to Botox it can occur. These are usually mild, and antihistamines can be given to treat the issue. Side effects could include mild swelling, redness and itchiness which are effectively treated with medications for a few days. Patients should avoid Botox all together if they do experience an allergy, and try another form such as Xeomin which has none of the proteins that may cause this issue. We are well equipped to handle an allergic reaction if one were to occur.

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Contact us or visit our Botox clinic in Knoxville, TN, to work out the details on the best way to handle your Botox treatment. We offer Botox specials with our Pretty Girl VIP Club, and first time clients can often take advantage of our Botox specials that we regularly post on Facebook. We would love to hear from you.