Sculptra Facial Treatment

A loss of volume and fullness in the face is not only a part of the natural aging process but also starts a lot earlier than most people think. Flat-looking cheeks, saggy eyelids, and a generally tired look on the face are all signs that facial fat cells have lost volume due to collagen depletion, which can make us look older than we really are.

Sculptra Treatment

Sculptra is an injectable product that encourages the body to produce more collagen, keeping the area that it is injected nice and plump, restoring lost volume as a result. Sculptra works to stimulate collagen growth due to its primary active ingredient poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA).  This is unique from a lot of other dermal fillers in which hyaluronic acid is the backbone of their formula. Sculptra requires special mixing and procedures involving it will need to be planned ahead of time as it takes quite some time to prepare.

Rather than serve as a quick solution for filling in wrinkles, sags, and bumps, Sculptra injections gradually work to slowly build collagen filling the face, glutes, or injected – restoring volume in precisely the places where it looks tired, saggy, or sunken. It’s a great way to brighten and ‘lift without any surgical procedures.

With that said, Sculptra happens to be particularly popular for ‘butt lifts’ since it is a non-invasive and non-surgical procedure.

Benefits of Sculptra Injections

More facial volume

Sculptra stimulates collagen production and can be injected into the face and neck. The overall result is improvement in skin laxity and overall appearance

Natural-looking long-term results

Perhaps one of the best parts about Sculptra treatment is that it offers natural-looking results with steady increases in collagen production in the long run. Although each patient is different, the effects of Sculptra may last up to two years before you need a follow-up session.

Better Collagen Development

Sculptra is biocompatible: PLLA, which is Sculptra’s principal active ingredient, is synthesized from lactic acid, which is found all over the body. This means that your body already recognizes it, thus the low possibility of developing an allergic reaction. Collagen is the number one element that keeps our skin young, fresh, and ‘bouncy’. A lack of collagen, which is inevitable with age, means that the facial skin will look shallow and saggy. Even a single Sculptra session can prompt your body to immediately produce higher levels of collagen, giving your skin a plump and full look, along with a radiant glow.

What to Expect During Sculptra Treatment

Your injector will start by applying a topical numbing area to the target site which is typically the chin, jawline, cheeks, temples, or butt. Sculptra injections contain a synthetic biodegradable polymer called Poly-L-Lactic Acid which naturally encourages the body to produce more collagen. It also contains lidocaine which is a numbing agent, to further make the procedure even more non-invasive.


Sculptra treatments are injected under the skin, where the target site is gently massaged to evenly distribute the active ingredient. Each Sculptra facial treatment usually takes an hour after which you can get back to your regular schedule.

If you opt for a Sculptra butt lift, you may require multiple treatments which can result in the region looking a bit lumpy initially, but a little icing will get it back to normal fairly quickly.

We also encourage you to massage the treated area five times a day for the first five days. Each of the five daily massage sessions should last about five minutes to help reduce the lumpy areas.

How Long Do Sculptra Treatments Last?

Even though outcomes of Sculptra may vary from patient to patient, results can often last up to two years in most patients.