Microneedling with
Radio Frequency

Microneedling with Radio Frequency

The benefit of Microneeding with RadioFrequency

Healthy and glowing skin is every person’s must-have. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky to have perfect skin. Acne, dark spots, scars, and large pores are able to diminish our appearance, and then age-related changes add insult to injury. If you think that your reflection in the mirror could have been better, you should really consider micro needling with radiofrequency. This is a cosmetic procedure that lasts about an hour and can dramatically improve your appearance and bring back your confidence. There is little to no downtime and results are visible within a couple of weeks but continue to show results for up to a year with a few treatments. This process will not only help correct skin issues but also help you build collagen which is a constant battle as you age.

What is Microneedling

Microneedling is a cosmetic treatment with a microscopic depth of invasion designed to improve various skin issues via boosting collagen and elastin production. This procedure involves using an FDA-approved pen-like tool featuring small needles to puncture the skin. The resulting wounds are tiny and shallow, yet they can trigger natural mechanisms responsible for healing. Our body sends a signal to generate more collagen and elastin to patch up tiny injuries. Since collagen makes the skin firm, smooth and toned, microneedling helps you maintain a younger and healthier appearance.

Micro-needling is designed to resolve a number of skin conditions and concerns. In particular, it is able to:

Professional Microneedling

More often than not, microneedling targets the face but it can bring benefits to any area of your body. For instance, it has been proven effective to reduce stretch marks on the belly and thighs, especially in conjunction with filler injections.

The entire micro-needling procedure lasts approximately 60-90 minutes. It includes consultation with a nurse, application of a topical anesthetic, and the treatment itself (the duration of this particular stage is normally less than 30 minutes). In the post-procedure stage, you will be offered treatment to soothe irritated skin as well as recommended skin care products.

What Are the Benefits of Adding Radio Frequency to Microneedling?

Traditional microneedling, has been around for a while and its efficiency is confirmed by millions of women (and men, too!) around the world. Still, the progress doesn’t stand still, and the procedure has been undergoing improvements. One of the ways to make the most of controlled skin micro damaging is the introduction of radio frequencies.

Microneedling with Radiofrequency (RF) implies the use of energized needless to bring radiofrequency energy deep into the dermis. While skin punctures launch the production of rejuvenating proteins and enzymes, radio frequencies increase it tenfold. Furthermore, the heating of the dermis promotes tightening of the skin.

The effect of RF micro-needling is similar to that of lasers used for cosmetic purposes but its action is much safer and gentler. Because of the way needless produce and distribute heat, they are a preferred option for individuals with darker skin. Unlike laser procedures, RF energy doesn’t cause pigmentation or discoloration. Besides, it is associated with more control over delivering energy into the areas that require treatment.

How is Virtue RF a Better Microneedling with Radio Frequency Device in Comparison to Others?

Virtue RF Microneedling is the best choice among cosmetologists and patients alike due to the number of benefits:

– access to special-purpose handpieces including those for precision and deep penetration into the dermis;

– two frequencies (1 and 2 MHz);

– blue and red LED light treatment;

– prolonged pulse duration;

– more setting options than in other devices;

– advanced RF Sub-Pulse technology;

– an option to disable radiofrequency;

– an exclusive robotic precision delivery technology;

What Can I Expect After Treatment?

RF Microneedling is minimally invasive. Although tiny needless leave wounds on your skin, they are so minuscule that this shouldn’t impact your daily activities or well-being. You may, however, experience some discomfort, redness, and some burning sensation in the areas that have been affected. To remove this discomfort and facilitate healing, we offer special post-care treatment including soothing and tightening skincare products. Along with that, we recommend that you use sunscreen and leave your skin make-up free within 24 hours after the procedure.

How Often Should I Get Virtue RF Treatment?

Although you can notice skin improvement after the very first procedure, a series of 4-5 treatments guarantees a more pronounced and lasting effect. Every following procedure should be carried out within 4-6 weeks after the previous one to ensure proper tissue healing. To maintain the desired effect, we recommend repeating microneedling therapy every six months.

Who Makes an Ideal Candidate for Microneedling with Radiofrequency

Microneedling treatment is for you if you:

– are in good health;

– experience age-related skin issues (wrinkles, dark spots, loss of skin elasticity, etc.) or sun damage;

– suffer from acne;

– want to reduce the appearance of scars or stretch marks.

Along with that, RF microneedling isn’t recommended if you:

– have certain health issues (such as autoimmune diseases, diabetes, or other illnesses that may impede wound healing);

– have skin inflammation;

– use specific acne medications;

– are pregnant.

You can find out if you’re a good candidate for micro-needling with radiofrequency at a consultation with Pretty Girl Aesthetics.